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Circulation Section

Responsibilities of Circulation Section

  1. Registration of users.
  2. Issue of library membership cards /casual membership cards.
  3. Issue of books to users.
  4. Accepting the books returned by users.
  5. Filling the book cards of books issued and taking out book cards of returned Books.
  6. Transportation of books within the library to concern sections.
  7. Cancellation of membership.
  8. To send reminders for overdue books.
  9. Accepting the claims for books having demand.
  10. To certify overdue charges, fine etc and maintenance of receipts.
  11. Issue of No Dues Certificate/Attendant Certificate.
  12. Action of books reported lost.
  13. Minor repairs of books.
  14. Provide Inter Library Loan Service.
  15. Maintaining statistics/record of the section.
  16. Other works concerned with the section.

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