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Periodicals Section

Responsibilities of Periodicals Section

  1. Obtaining recommendations for periodicals and obtaining periodicals on gratis.
  2. Correspondence for sending subscriptions and maintain payments records.
  3. Checking and passing of bills of subscriptions.
  4. Registration on issues received.
  5. To send reminders for non-receipt of periodicals.
  6. Getting the volumes bound.
  7. Checking and processing of bound volumes of periodicals.
  8. Development database of articles from periodicals.
  9. Shelving of current periodicals and back volumes.
  10. Providing help for locating particular article from periodical.
  11. Provide Current Awareness Services for periodicals issue.
  12. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  13. Provide reading room service for periodicals.
  14. Provide Document Delivery Service.
  15. Provide news paper reading room service.
  16. Provide Photo copy service based on Periodicals.
  17. Provide other services related to the section.
  18. Other works concerned with the section.

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