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Acquisition Section

Responsibilities of Acquisition Section

  1. Frame the policy of book/periodical (Print as well as non-print) acquisition including accepting donation and exchange materials.
  2. Maintenance of book selection tools.
  3. To receive the books from booksellers on approval and arranging book exhibitions.
  4. To obtain recommendations from users.
  5. To develop database of the recommendations received.
  6. Collect the donations in terms of documents.
  7. Checking of duplications.
  8. Selection of vendors for supply of reading materials.
  9. Decision about cash purchase, advance payments, etc.
  10. Sending of orders for supply of reading materials and preparation of order record.
  11. Sending reminders to the vendors about non receipt of reading materials.
  12. Bringing the parcels from transport office in certain cases.
  13. Checking of books with orders and also verify the price.
  14. Checking and passing of bills.
  15. Monitoring budget for departments.
  16. Prepare the list of new additions.
  17. Giving feedback to faculty members about arrival of information sources.
  18. Allotment of books for various sections of the library.
  19. Maintenance of statistics of the section/library.
  20. Send acknowledgement of donations.
  21. Maintenance of record of the section.
  22. Other work concerned with the section.

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