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Open Access Journals

1) Psychology
Indian Journal Of Psychiatry

2) Medical Science

3) Microbiology
Indian Journal Of Medical Microbiology

4) Home Science
Journal Of Indian Association For Child And Adolescent Mental
Health Food And Nutrition Bulletin

5) Sociology
Indian Journal Of Community Medicine

6) Science And Technology
Indian Journal Of Science And Technology
Current Science
Journal of Earth System Science Science
Bulletin of Material Science
Resonance - Journal of Science Education
Applied Sciences
Journal Of Indian Institute Of Science

7) Humanities
Rupkatha Journal On Interdisciplinary Studies In Humanities

8) Management
RBI Bulletine
Finance And Development

9) Mathematics
Algebric And Geometric Topology
Electronic Journal Of Differential Equation
Differential Geometry
Electronic Journal Of Linear Algebra
Geometry And Topology
Electronic Journal Of Qualitative Theory Of Differential Equation
New York Journal Of Mathematics
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
Journal Of Graph Algorithms And Applications
Journal Of Integer Sequences
Proceedings - Mathematical Science

10) Statistics
Electronic Journal Of Probability
Journal Of Statistics Education

11) Interdisciplinary
Economic And Political Weekly
Popular Bulletin
Journal Of Family Welfare
Journal Of Economics And Finance
Journal Of Economic Education

12) Chemical Technology
Journal of Chemical Science

13) Physics
Pramana - Journal of Physics
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy

14) Biology
Journal of Bioscience
Journal of Genetics

15) Education

16) Chemistry

17) Oxford

18) Others